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Top ten Study tips/ study techniques / way to study and preparations for examination

Top ten Study tips/ study techniques/ way to study and preparations for examination

Here we are providing top ten Study tips. The candidate who are looking for study techniques they can check and use this information. If candidate follow these preparations tips they can get good marks in their examination and good luck for all the candidates. For more details regarding this way to study please give in below please check it.

Make time table chat: The student first offal create our time table in subject wise because it will be increasing time and cover all the topics within the time period.

Study your own way: students study your own way if they study own way they don’t forget answers. So the candidate always study our own way. Our teacher or lecturer can explain something to you, you can learn it from a text book in own way.

Practice previous exams papers: The student practice previous exam papers it will be very helpful to the candidates. What type of questions asked in previous years and they get idea for that examination

Discuss and explain your answers to others: the students discussing others they never forget any question so candidate take more time to Discuss and explain your answers to others  that will help you to get it clear in your head, and also to highlight any areas where you need more work.

Sleep and Eat Well: The students during exam time are that they don’t sleep and eat well. They think sleeping is a waste of time. They should believe in the fact that they need to sleep between 6-8 hours a day. They also need to take care of their diet

Avoid fear and trust yourself: Fear and stress are one of the major factors which tend to become getting high percentage. Everyone should avoid all the fear and free his mind. Students should meditate or pray well before the exam as it helps in relaxing their mind and also provides immense energy and peace to the mind. And it is much important that you are confident about yourself.

Write neatly and Present Well: if candidates write exam paper very neatly and clearly it will be impression to evaluator. Then automatically you will get good marks in that examination so student don’t forget these steps and paper presentation important role in examination.

Time management: student remembers that time management is very important in exam hall because if you follow time then you will answer all questions within time period. Don’t west our precious time and get good marks in examination

Drink more water and avoid oily food: The students remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking more water throughout your revision. They should try and avoid eat junk food and also oily food students eat soft food only please take care for our health.

Plan your exam day: the candidate must be plan your exam day before half an hour you reach in examination place and don’t forget all the things like hall ticket, pens , pencil and etx.. so the candidate must be plan exam day and good luck for examination.


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